Thursday, June 17, 2010


RM440Features of this sauna type:
1- Such price is an offer price though the local market price is RM490.
2- This sauna design meets most customers satisfaction because it is very easy to assemble. No tools of installation required, Thus, just open the slide, switch on your steamer and you are ready to sauna in minutes!
3- It is foldable. You can even fold this sauna either into a flat slide or put it in its carrier bag for you travel.
4- This special design of sauna is of an user friendly style and suitable for those who are often on quick and tight schedule of daily routine.
5- Made of high quality clothing and consists of 3 layers; Nylon (external), hot proof Fiber (middle side) and waterproof PVC (inner side).
The pictures below illustrate the ease of assembling this sauna type:

Ways to install

Ways to fold it into a slide and to insert into its bag

Another colour to choose:
Light pink

Buying this sauna now and grab these cool free gifts:
Herbal Aura Sauna (worth RM20)
Foot Massager

Kos Penghantaran GDEX Express:
Semenanjung Malaysia: PERCUMA
Sabah/ Sarawak: RM50


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