Thursday, June 17, 2010


Compare the benefits of sauna bath and exercise activities below:

1. Sauna for 15 mins burns 400-600 calories.
2. Doing aerobics for 30 minutes burns 400 calories.
3. Riding bicycle for 30 minutes burns 250 - 500 calories.
4. Jogging for 30 minutes burns 300 calories.
5. Swimming for 30 minutes burns 400 calories.

RM440 (Normal Price is RM560)
Detailed description of this type of steam bath sauna is as follows:

1. Made of high quality clothing
There are 3 layers:

Layer 1: Nylon (outside layer)
Layer 2: Hot proof fiber (middle side)
Layer 3: Waterproof PVC (inner side)
2. Easy to set up and to store

3. Requires a litlle bit of installation of its tools to set it up. This installation will take a few minutes before you can enjoy your sauna.
4. The clothing is of high quality material, long lasting and obviously thick.
5. Very cheap and reasonable price.
6. Recognized internationally by having CE approval from overseas and Malaysia Electricity Commission. This means, you are secure to consume this sauna. No hesitation.

7. Very effective and trusted for weight loss program, maintain your health and wellness.

8. Best of all, you can do it from the comfort of your own home!

Another variation of colours of this design: Light blue, Light pink, Silver

Buying this sauna now and grab these cool free items:
• 1 pack of Herbal Aura Sauna - includes of 5 packets worth RM20
• 1 Foot Massager.Want its foldable chair? Yes, buy the chair with only RM10 with this sauna.
* head cover is not included

Diamond Sauna Steamer

Specification of the Steamer:
1.User can control the temperature and time using the remote control or by pushing a button on the steamer.
2.User can change the time in 3 grades, which are 20 minutes, 40 minutes and 60 minutes.

3.Temperature can be changed in 6 grades:
low light (1st grade), middle light (2nd grade),◦high light (3rd grade),◦low and middle light (4th grade),◦low and high light(5th grade),◦low, middle and high light (6th grade).

High temperature: 50 degree celcius.
Voltage: 110V/220V/240V Power: 1000w

Kos Penghantaran Gdex Express:
Semenanjung Malaysia: RM10
Sabah/Sarawak: RM50


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